Online Walls

There are many sites that offer instant collaboration.

A very popular and easy to use site is Padlet. You can easily set one up, send the link to students and get their ideas, their brainstorms, their research findings etc.

You can see how it works here:


Online Walls and instant collaboration sites seem to come and go. Below are two other great sites.  Twiddla has many more features than Padlet, but they are different types of sites, to be used for different activities.

  • Twiddla –
    Great. So many possibilities, particularly the audio feature, uploading docs, images etc. You can toggle between the Whiteboard mode, Images and Websites mode. I just have to think of an opportunity to use this in the classroom. I think the students will get a lot out of this. How about collaborative annotation? I will report back as soon as I have used it in class.
  • Wiggio –
    Has a cool feature where you can aggregate emails and SMS. Have only once tried it in the class, but I think my activity was not suited to it. It would be better for a long term project. Still, explore it, it’s a bit different