Online flash cards

This article below is based on a post by Larry Ferlazzo. Original post here.

Here are my picks for The Best Tools To Make Online Flashcards:

Quizlet is very popular. It lets you create and study flashcards, it also lets you study the words in “game” forms. It’s useful to go through the many History based flash cards already created, although flash cards are of course most effective when created by the student themselves. 

Study Stack: The online flashcards are indeed very basic (and very easy for both students and teachers to create). However, in addition to flashcards, you can also make hangman games, word searches, and many more activities.  In fact, it’s also on The Best Sites For Making Crossword Puzzles & Hangman Games list.

Ediscio lets you create, and use, flashcards very quickly and easily, and grab images and videos off the Web to insert them in the virtual cards. is not fancy at all, and it’s more complicated than most other online flashcard sites to create anything more than a rudimentary mini-flashcard system. However, it is very easy to make-up a simple series of flashcards and, most importantly, you can do so without having to register.

You might also be interested in Are Flashcards an Effective Learning Tool?, an infographic from Voxy.

Easy Notecards is a new online flashcard-making site. Richard Byrne has a good post about it if you want to learn more.

Word Dynamo lets you easily create word lists and games and flash cards through which to study them. It doesn’t seem to allow the addition of images, though, which reduces its usefulness to ELL’s. It’s one of the easiest tools out there, though, to create flash cards.

StudyBlue lets you create flashcard easily, and one of its main selling points — at least in my mind — is that it allows you grab images off the Web to add to them.


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